Dog bath using cruelty free vegan dog shampoo

Cruelty free dog shampoo and grooming

Dog bath using cruelty free vegan dog shampooIf you’re an animal lover, you probably don’t like the thought of using products that have been tested on animals. We’ve all seen the photos of those poor rabbits that have had cosmetics tested on them, and it’s a heart-wrenching sight.

By choosing to buy pet grooming products that are cruelty-free and vegan, it encourages the producers to make more products like this. Send a message to the manufacturers of cleaning products that animal testing is not OK!


Best cruelty-free pet shampoo

Earthbath cruelty-free dog shampooEarthbath All-Natural Pet Shampoo
Earthbath is THE pet shampoo brand for the socially conscious pet owner. These shampoos have not been tested on animals, do not contain animal by-products (lanolin free), they are cruelty fee AND 100-percent bio-degradable. This means they’re good for the planet, other animals, and your conscience!

There are a dozen different variations of Earthbath’s pet shampoo, with different scents (including a fragrance free option).  They all use totally natural ingredients and are safe, gentle and effective. They leave your pet’s skin clean and coat shiny but will not wash off topical flea applications.

The generic “pet shampoo” can be used on dogs or cats, though they also have products that are specifically marketed as cat shampoo and puppy shampoo. The puppy shampoo uses a ‘tear free’ formula with especially mild ingredients to avoid skin irritation on young dogs with sensitive skin. The other variations are safe for all animals over 6 weeks old.

For animals with sensitive skin, there are a couple of variants of the shampoo with ingredients that help with skin soothing. Look out for the Hot Spot Relief Shampoo, which contains tea tree oil and aloe vera to help relieve itching and soothe skin conditions. Tea tree oil is a great natural way of providing relief from insect bites, and aloe vera helps relieve hot spots and itchy, dried or chafed skin caused by flea bites, dandruff or dermatitis.

This is a best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. It’s a product that works while also being good for the Earth at large. As an added bonus, Amazon also provides free shipping for eligible orders.

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Best cruelty-free DRY dog shampoo

Paw Choice cruelty free dry dog shampooPaw Choice Naturals Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo

If you, or your dog, aren’t keen on getting wet and would prefer to use a waterless shampoo, this is the option for you. With this foaming mousse you can deodorize and freshen your dog with minimal hassle or mess. There is absolutely no water or rinsing required. Yet it’s great for getting rid of bad smells because the shampoo actually removes odor-causing bacteria instead of just masking them.

It’s also great to take with you on holiday, or to keep in the car, so you can use it at times when you can’t give your dog a full water bath, but you need a quick fix on the go. Also good for a quick fix to extend the time between baths or trips to the doggie salon.

This cruelty free shampoo is derived from coconut and leaves your dog with a fresh mango and pomegranate scent. Specially formulated with veterinarian approval, and made in the US. The ingredients are mild, safe and suitable for sensitive skin, and do not include harsh chemicals or no sodium laureth sulfate.

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Best cruelty-free dog wipes (can also be used for other animals)

Earthnatural all natural cruelty free dog grooming wipesEarthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes

These all natural pet grooming wipes are a fantastic option for animal lovers who care about their pet as well as animals in general. They have not been tested on animals, do not contain animal by-products (vegan), they are cruelty fee AND 100-percent bio-degradable.

They’re great for your pet because they use all natural ingredients, are hypo-allergenic, lanolin free, alcohol free and fragrance free. They DO contain aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize the dogs skin and coat. You’ll notice it leaves your own hands softer after using them to wipe down your pet!

The moist wipes are large (8″ x 7″), soft and thick, so they are practical to use. Users find they are fairly strong and don’t tear easily. Use them in between baths, as a quick fix for dirty paws, faces or bottoms. Can be used to wipe off drool, dander, dirt, discharge, etc. Wipe down a dusty undercoat. Leave your dog or cat with a nice shine on its fur thanks to the Hawaiian awapuhi extract, a natural conditioner.

The variety pictured here are fragrance free, but there’s also an option for green tea scented wipes… with the added bonus of these containing the anti-oxidants from the green tea leaf extract.

The wipes are safe for daily use on all animals over 6 weeks old, including both both cats and dogs. Earthbath also make a version of cruelty free grooming wipes specifically for puppies.

Each pack contains 100 wipes, and you can buy on Amazon in bulk 6 packs at a time for a deeper discount.

The wipes are in a sealed container to keep in the moisture. Some users have found that the seal isn’t always tight, and packs may occasionally need something heavy on top to keep the lid down.

Earthbath wipes are manufactured in the USA.

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What next?

Keep your pup looking and smelling great with one of these a cruelty free, vegan dog shampoo and keep your conscience clean too! If you’re also open to considering cruelty free, vegan dog food for your pet, take a look at our vegan dog page to learn more.