What Jonny Juicer feeds his vegan dog

What Jonny Juicer feeds his vegan dog

Jonny Juicer is a raw vegan & juicing enthusiast with tens of thousands of followers online. People have followed his experience of evolving from a standard American diet to becoming a fully raw plant-based vegan. This week he released a video outlining what he feeds his vegan dog, Noah, an adorable Yorkshire Terrier. Scroll down to watch the video yourself.

When Jonny adopted Noah, Noah was eating a raw food diet with both raw meat and vegetables. After doing his research JJ learned that dogs are omnivores and don’t need meat to be healthy, so he began to transition Noah to a healthy vegan diet.

While Jonny might prefer to have raw juices for himself, he notes that dogs can’t be healthy on raw juices alone, as they need a higher level of protein and fat.

Jonny says Noah seems to be healthier on a vegan diet than he was on his old standard diet. He says he has “crazy energy” and healthy hair.

Along with sharing some of his raw juices with Noah, Jonny also cooks for Noah too. As JJ is fully raw he didn’t own any pans and went out and bought one just so he could cook for Noah!

His recipes for Noah’s vegan dog food varies but usually involves a mixture of lentils, quinoa, sweet potato… always organic and non-GMO. He adds some other fruit and vegetables such as garbanzo beans (high protein), celery, carrot, capsicum, blueberries, spirulina, and hemp oil. The recipe includes a combination of cooked and raw ingredients.


The products Jonny Juicer uses

V-dog foodWhen Jonny isn’t home-cooking Noah’s food, the packaged vegan dog food he uses is V-dog Kinderkibble. See our review of V-dog food here.



Spirulina and chlorella supplements for vegan dogFor dog treats, Noah gets Sunfood Spirulina & Chlorella Tablets. These nutrient dense, high protein tablets are made from algae and packed with B vitamins including B12. These tablets are made for humans! Only the best nutrition for Noah!



NUTIVA Hemp oilJonny adds hemp oil to Noah’s home cooked meals to add Omega-6 and Omega-3 to his dog’s diet. He used the Nutiva organic cold pressed hemp oil.


Pure Hawaiian Spirulina powderJJ sprinkles this human grade “superfood” onto Noah’s home cooked meals for extra vitamins and nutrition. He uses the Pure Hawaiin spirulina pacifica powder.



Watch the video


I found it interesting to see what Jonny Juicer feeds his vegan dog. The meal looks delicious and uses top quality food and ingredients that humans could eat. In the video Noah looks really happy to be eating it all up!!